Hamlet’s Soliloquy

Date: 2006
Posted by: jrsherrard
Credits: Created by Jean Sherrard
Cast: 6th graders
Duration: 1.47

‘To be or not to be’ performed by ten American sixth-graders from Hillside Student Community, Bellevue WA (the Hillside Intermediate Players) on a playground. The opening lines are spoken in unison, then each line or part-line is spoken by a separate child in a separate shot, each one cleverly (but not too cleverly) composed. It’s surprisingly effective: engaging, dynamic, clearly spoken and with the right spirit of fun – and meaning. A small work of art, produced by the school’s Artist in Residence.

YouTube page
See also the school’s similar rendition of ‘The Seven Ages of Man’ speech

A Lego Soliloquy

Date: 2007
Posted by: MrFerder
Credits: Animated by Jonathan Williams, for JMW Productions
Cast: Jonathan Williams (voice)
Duration: 1.14

This interpretation of the ‘to be or not to be’ soliloquy from Hamlet is animated and narrated by Jonathan ‘Mr Ferder’ Williams. A superior example of Lego animation, or brickfilms, it is crisply shot and edited, with some wry comic business taking place in the background. The idea of having Hamlet’s words spoken by a skeleton (and more of a skull than a skeleton) is something of an imaginative coup.

YouTube page