Hamlet in 95 boxes

Date: 2008
Posted by: yuetuo
Credits: Animated by Yue Tuo
Duration: 6.46

Exquisite six-minute interpretation of Hamlet, animated by Yue Tuo, a Chinese student at Maryland Institute College of Art. The simply animated but highly-stylised look is taken from the Chinese tradition of shadow puppets, and owes something to the silhouette films of Lotte Reininger. The ‘plot’ could probably not be followed by anyone without a knowledge of the play, but the striking title designs (“An unexpected DEATH of a FATHER”) break down the action into formalised tableaux, or ‘boxes’.

Yue Tuo’s thesis statement explains the project thus:

From the moment of birth, we are given a box prepared only for us. This box is called “character.” From this gift, we develop “personality.” It is with us every single minute of our entire life. We build a methodology or “pattern of behavior”; therefore, we live our lives inside an invisible maze. This interactive piece invites people from any culture to uncover the basic social-psychological tasks that people confront during their lives; issues of dependence and independence, selfishness and sacrifice, birth and death. In the piece she applies psychological analysis of personality characteristics to explore as well as experiment with a unique method for apprehending and dealing with daily occurrences. The piece aims to archive an interaction with viewers and unable them to apprehend the symbolic meaning from animated characters’ reactions based on people’s reactions toward various situations. She applies Hamlet as an armature for exploring universal experiences.

There is a web page on her project and exhibition, with photographs
YouTube page