Kate and Petruchio

Date: 2007
Posted by: sniglfritz
Credits: Produced and edited by Nessa. Written by Nessa and Charlotte. Filmed by Nessa, Hannah and Charlotte. Music credits given at the end of the video. A Don’t Put This on Camera Production
Cast: Hannah (Hortensio, Bianca, Grumia), Nessa (Gremio, Lucentio), Charlotte (Petruchio’s Mother, Lucentio’s Playmate, Baptista)
Duration: 8.56 (the final 90 seconds are music only)

Lively parody of The Taming of the Shrew done as a Canadian school project, and presented in the style of a ‘Hollywood True Story’ TV programme. It intercuts rather well between its enthusiastic all-female cast (three of them, playing multiple roles) and stills of Kate (Angela Jolie) and Petruchio (Brad Pitt) – such wise choices – telling an everyday story of celebrity life.

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