Vincent Victoria’s ‘Hamlet Monologue’

Date: 2008
Posted by: Kylevic9
Credits: Created by Vincent Victoria
Cast: Vincent Victoria (Hamlet)
Duration: 1.15

Among the considerable number of ‘To be or not to be’ soliloquies to be found on YouTube, few show the sort of originality displayed here. American ‘serio-comic’ actor Vincent Victoria has developed an unusual specialism, creating videos in which the words are heard off screen and his face, filmed in close-up, reacts to what it is hearing. Here Hamlet’s words (presumably spoken by Victoria) are uttered while his face is shown through a barrage of jump-cuts, dissolves, slow motion and stop motion effects. The result is a memorable depiction of a disordered mind, weakened slightly by cutting the soliloquy short and signing off cheaply with the words, ‘To be or not to be – that is always the f——- question’.

YouTube page
Vincent Victoria’s web page