Caesar and the Payatas Boys

Date: 2007
Posted by: pepblue12
Credits: Filmed (presumably) by Denice Planas
Cast: Kristiann Bonus, Pauline Bueno, Jenny Gagucan, Finzy Gonzales, Athena Parro, Abby Peralta, Denice Planas, Ceej Tantengco, Janina Yap
Duration: 6.13

Well, to be completely honest, I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here. I know Act 1 of Julius Caesar, of which this is an interpretation, and I recognise the characters and sort of where the action is going on, but I am too old to know what on earth is being said.

But so what? This is a lively English school project by a bunch of Philippine schoolgirls (Payatas is a slum site outside Manila), who have taken the play and presented it as a silent film with faux scratches, intertitles (Brutus: “I just feel emotional today. I have so many problems”) and cheap organ music. The action in between is just goofing around – what counts is the teenspeak dialogue with assorted in-jokes and in-slang. We’re promised anti-Caesar spraypainting tags, but then the video ends with a ‘to be continued…’ Shame. Now they’ve moved on to higher classes, and we’ll probably never know what might have happened.

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William Shakespeare’s Julius Cesar

Date: 2009
Posted by: PeterVentresca
Credits: None
Cast: Marcus Simpson (Mark Antony)
Duration: 2.56

Shame about the spelling mistake in the on-screen title (and the YouTube page spells ‘monologue’ wrong as well), but this is an interesting take on Mark Antony’s ‘Friends, Romans, Countrymen’ speech simply by virtue of its background. Filmed at night outside a house, Antony’s words are accompanied by the incessant burr of crickets and passing traffic. The rendition is fine, the camera work uncertain (zooming in and out without much purpose) but it’s the strangeness that matters. Simpson (a drama student at Syracuse University) does not address the camera but an invisible crowd all about him – maybe the indifferent crickets and cars of American suburbia.

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