Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116: Eleanor

Date: 2006
Posted by: shakespearecowboy
Credits: Filmed by shakespearecowboy
Cast: Eleanor
Duration: 1.38

This is an example from the 116 Project, in which ‘Shakespeare Cowboy’ (possibly not his real name) films ordinary Americans and gets them to read Shakespeare 116th sonnet (“Let me not to the marriage of true minds / Admit impediments”). It’s a delightful idea, and the several videos on his YouTube channel each charm through the freshness of their (mostly) untutored readings and the everyday settings. Here the sweetness of Eleanor’s rendition is enriched by the homely setting, the dog and the cat. As the videos’ creator says, “Shakespeare shows us people and people show us Shakespeare”.

YouTube page
The 116 Project channel

2 thoughts on “Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116: Eleanor

  1. Kathy says:

    Luke, I suspect that “Bill’s” version is shakespearecowboy’s self-portrait.

    Internal evidence: voice matches to interviewer in the other videos; has the sonnet memorized and delivers with a wry wink; wears a cowboy hat…

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