Date: 2009
Posted by: AMPPP-lifier
Cast: Patrick Han, Pearlyn Lii, Melissa Ma, Peter Yang, and Andrew Yeh
Credits: Not given
Duration: 0.59

Not much information is given on this schools project billed as being “Othello Trailer for Cordero’s Sophomore English Honors Class. Period 4”. Just before he is executed, Iago looks back on his life in flashbacks, to the accompaniment of melodramatic music. There is no dialogue, only messages on computer screens and print-outs and the four players shown at crisis point, before the video ends with the execution. As a burst of creative energy, it is not at all unimpressive.

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Brush up your Shakespeare

Date: 2009
Posted by: hanidahshan
Cast: Michael Zananiri (Fred Graham), Nabil Shukri (Lippy), Hani al-Dahshan (Slug), Mohammad Dijani (stage manager)
Credits: Directed and choreographed by Hani al-Dahshan, DOP and lighting by Ahmad Gobba, music and lyrics by Cole Porter
Duration: 8.52

A ‘music video’ homage to Cole Porter’s immortal ‘Brush up your Shakespeare’, from the musical Kiss Me Kate. The rendition itself is straightforward lip-synching, but the build-up exchange between the three protagnists, shot in moody monochrome, makes the video distinctive, even if the song then comes across as slightly anachronistic. Why is was made, and with such care, seems unclear, except that the filmmaker declares “I’ve been in love with this song for 2 years and finally decided to make it into a music video.” So here it is.

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