Trickle down

Date: 2009
Posted by: El3mentaryPenguin
Cast: Siobhan O’Sullivan (Marilyn), Kyle Phillips (Stan), Lorrie McInnis (Marie), Bevin Green (Simone Athens), Taylor Ashcroft (Pamela), Ramon Balderas (Lucius), Lanie Goodrich (Apemantus), Ruben Figueroa (Archie Baldes)
Credits: Colour and Sound Moving Pictures Present. Directed by Josh Hensley, written by Lanie Goodrich and Josh Hensley,
Duration: 1.38, 6.24, and 7.55

This curious effort in three parts looks like a student effort to modernise their study play. It would be difficult to recognise this as an adaptation of Timon of Athens if one had not been prompted beforehand; indeed, it is not too easy to recognise its debt to Shakespeare’s play even if one knows its source of inspiration. Yet, as clumsy as it is (with dialogue drowned out by wind and passing traffic) and with action almost impossible to follow (part one seems incomplete), it is intriguingly earnest and mysteriously oblique. It describes itself as “a story of the rottenness of society. Everything comes down to the dirty dollar”. It is worth watching twice to see how the young filmmakers try to hang on to Shakespeare’s play, even though they fail.

Part 2

Part 3

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