‘World’s-a-stage’ Shakespeare cycles

Date: 2010
Posted by: boytoynorth
Cast: Brian McCugan
Credits: Created by Brian McCugan. Music courtesy of http://www.jayles.com
Duration: 2.11

With the addition of BardBox’s second cycling video (see the exceptional Cymbeline for the first) I think we have the makings of genre. Here Canadian actor Brian McCugan sticks a video camera to the front of his bicycle and sets off along the seawall at Vancouver, reciting the ‘Seven Ages of Man’ speech from As You Like It. This is the sort of Shakespearean production that YouTube is there to encourage. It could not have been imagined before the time when cheap, portable video cameras became available to all (and both picture and sound quality here are lousy), before broadband, before video hosting sites, all of which have encouraged the sharing of the personal and the compulsion to self-expression. It’s an actorly performance – and a good enough one at that – whose reasons for existence are a seizing of the moment, and a capturing in video form the kind the rumination that cycling along a seawall might very well encourage. Now could we have a remake, with a slightly better camera?

YouTube page
Brian McCugan’s personal site