Sari – Hamlet Soliloquy & The Lorax

Date: 2007
Posted by: groundlings123
Cast: Sari
Credits: Not given
Duration: 4.21

How long is YouTube going to last? I mean, will it still be around twenty years from now, when all those cute kids who have been thrust before the camera for the entertainment of the world grow to adulthood? What will they think of themselves, or their parents? How many of the videos will have been taken down by then, if YouTube hasn’t collapsed under one giant lawsuit or another?

Meanwhile we live for the moment, and in our survey of the best and most interesting of original Shakespeare videos online, we need to acknowledge the cute kid phenomenon, because it has touched (or has been touched by) the Bard as well. Here two-year-old Sari recites the ‘To be or not to be’ speech, along with with a piece from Dr Seuss. What does it mean to have such heavy words spoken by one wholly innocent of their meaning? Is it cute or disturbing? Or do we gain some extra awareness of those words by the very disparity between speaker and speech?

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