Two Gentlemen of Verona

Posted by: newzealand010
Cast: not given
Credits: not given
Duration: 2.59

Every picture tells a story – every picture has a story. And so one would love to know what the story is behind this particular jape. Four young people in someone’s back garden (in New Zealand?) enact a pared-down version of The Two Gentlemen of Verona. There is no speech (bar three words); instead the bare bones of plot and character are given through subtitles, making this a silent film of sorts. It’s all done in a mocking manner to the tune of assorted pop and dance tracks. As with so many such YouTube videos, the joke is one to be shared between the participants and their friends. What makes it unusual is that they took one of Shakespeare’s less familiar plays as their theme, and that they went about their task with such gusto. It all means something: perhaps an expression of democratic Shakespeare, that he can played anywhere, in any form, by anyone. All you need is a video camera – and a back garden.

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Soliloquy from Merchant of Venice (To bait fish withal)

Posted by: oldernwiser0
Cast: srivatsa (Shylock)
Credits: Made by oldernwiser0 (i.e. srivatsa)
Duration: 2.18

This deserves some marks for being different. The usual rendition of a soliloquy (here Act 3 Scene 1 of The Merchant of Venice) comes not with the performer staring accusingly at the camera, but instead an electronic flame that could represent Shylock’s rage, or it might a purely abstract concept, or maybe it’s literally the flame speaking – like the burning bush. The filmmaker is a 60-year-old from India who mostly videos the food he’s been cooking. But everyone has to have a bit of Shakespeare in them, somewhere.

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