Ophelia’s Lullaby

Date: 2008
Posted by: thedivisionbella
Cast: None
Credits: ‘Credits go to Myself [Carrie], Joseph, C.J, Square Enix / Disney Interactive (for transitional clips from the Kingdom Hearts video game series)’. Music from the Silent Hill video game series: “Room of Angel” by Akira Yamaoka from “Silent Hill 4: The Room”
Duration: 6.37

The cult of Ophelia is a strong one, and it is reflected in numerous online videos which amount to a significant subset of the kinds of work BardBox is interested in. Ophelia the rejected figure, lost in love, a tragic person caught up in someone else’s tragedy, has a strong iconographical appeal which finds outlet today in artworks, montages, photographic essays, self-portraits as Ophelia, videos and websites.

This example is a school project, and a remarkably accomplished one at that. Mostly in monochrome, it artfully combines shots of parting hands, water, flowers, a graveyard and quotations, overlaid by a sorrow-filled, new age-ish song of the kind intended to appeal to the Twilight generation. It demonstrates how the ease of production and access to digital media, alongside with sharing sites, has led to new avenues of expression for those whose emotional response to Shakespeare needs to find an outlet other than that offered by the scholarly essay.

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