King John Rap

Date: 2009
Posted by: Tventura1000
Cast: Not given
Credits: Music: Wild Cherry, ‘Play That Funky Music’
Duration: 2.57

OK, so maybe this isn’t the greatest Shakespeare rap video – and there are a great many of them out there – but how many people have thought to rap to King John? Featuring three American students playing John, Frenchman and the Pope (a bold introduction of someone merely referred to in the play), with Wild Cherry’s ‘Play That Funky Music’ the chosen track, they goof around, rap (dubbed), have a swordfight and dance. And you get a pithy summary of the play, which shows they know whereof they rap. There’s nothing to suggest that this is a student project (and who would be teaching King John?), so one has to assume that this was done out of sheer love of one of Shakespeare’s minor plays. Full marks for novelty and enthusiasm.

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