Ophelia drowns

Date: 2011 (2007) Posted by: Amy L. Cast: Amy L. (Ophelia) Credits: Music: Beethoven’s Piano Sonata no. 14 Duration: 6.10 Here’s a particularly strong example of the many Ophelia fan videos to be found on YouTube. That feels the best way to describe them: videos that recreate Ophelia’s death by drowning that appeals to filmmakers/performers … Continue reading Ophelia drowns

Ophelia of Shakespeare’s Hamlet Demo Speed Paint by Leilani Joy

Date: 2014 Posted by: Leilani Joy Cast: None Credits: Presented by Leilani Joy Duration: 12.26 One of YouTube’s major functions – though probably not a function originally considered by its creators – is instructional. There as millions of videos on the site offering illustrated advice on anything from cookery tips to bathroom repairs. The most … Continue reading Ophelia of Shakespeare’s Hamlet Demo Speed Paint by Leilani Joy

Ophelia among the flowers

Date: 2011 Posted by: Brian Kawimbe Cast: Harriet Carter (Ophelia) Credits: Directed by Csongor Dombovari. Produced by Pinja Tenhunen and Brian Kawimbe. Director of Photography Joel Honeywell. Camera operator Wei Kong. Focus puller Nikki Rosen. Gaffer/Grip Pano Kimbigelis. Sound Emma Hill. Edited by Lotti Jones and Laura Fegan. Production design Aimee Bick. Costume design by … Continue reading Ophelia among the flowers


Date: 2009 Posted by: Book MMS Cast: Sofia Mesquita (Ophelia) Credits: Made by Anaïs Dujardin, Chrystel Orsati, Mélodie Simon. Music by Julien Ruggiero, Amandine Glauser Duration: 5.07 There is only one Ophelia, and she is drawn to water. Were this film and its protaognist given any other name we would probably see no Shakespearean connection … Continue reading Ophelia

Ophelia’s Lullaby

Date: 2008 Posted by: thedivisionbella Cast: None Credits: ‘Credits go to Myself [Carrie], Joseph, C.J, Square Enix / Disney Interactive (for transitional clips from the Kingdom Hearts video game series)’. Music from the Silent Hill video game series: “Room of Angel” by Akira Yamaoka from “Silent Hill 4: The Room” Duration: 6.37 The cult of … Continue reading Ophelia’s Lullaby

Urban Shakespeare

Date: 2007 Posted by: jenng7325 Cast: Svetlana (Barnado), Ted (Francisco, Polonius), Jenn (Horatio, Hamlet, Ophelia), Emily (Marcellus, Queen, Laertes), Credits: None given Duration: 7.03 What is it about taking Shakespeare out into the streets that so appeals (at least to me)? It’s something about placing poetry among the mundane, a flowering of feeling amid the … Continue reading Urban Shakespeare


Date: 2014 Posted by: SHAKES Cast: Victoria Smith (Beatrice), Ellis Oswalt (Benedick), Anna Stone (Ophelia), Tim Childers (Hamlet), Cathy Koch (Juliet), Cody Sparks (Romeo) Credits: Writer/Producer/Editor: Kathryn Orsmbee; Writer/Director: Destiny Soria; Production assistants: Rebecca Campbell, Katie Carroll; Marketing: Nicole Williams; Dramaturg: Clare Thomson Duration: 12 episodes plus two extras It is interesting to see what … Continue reading SHAKES

Alas, alas

Many of the videos previously included on BardBox have since been taken down by their owners, or moved to private access only. This page documents all those videos that are sadly no longer available to view, with links (now dead) and my original comments. Juliet Must Die Date: 2009 Posted by: P.M. Cast: P.M. (presumably) … Continue reading Alas, alas

Shakespeare Shakedown

Date: 2007 Posted by: justjill Cast: Not given Credits: Produced by Patrik Fleming and Jill Blum Duration: 6.63 An enjoyable skit from a Shakespeare class at the University of Baltimore, in which Gladys and Lorraine gossip about Ophelia and Gertude, the Macbeths’ marital disharmony and the three witches’ skin care problems, and King Lear, interspersed … Continue reading Shakespeare Shakedown