Troy Burns

Date: 2009
Posted by: ozzetteebo
Cast: Not given
Credits: Filmed by Joanna Smith and Elizabeth Osborne
Duration: 4.40

I really like this. It’s different. The filmmakers call it a “documentary I made for my documentary film class about a rehearsal of Troilus and Cressida”. What we see are four images: one taking up two-thirds of the screen, and three smaller ones on top of one another occupying the rgiht-hand side third. What we see in the main picture is some young people (American) waiting in a corridor to take their entrances for the rehearsal of Troilus and Cressida. The smaller screens provide closer shots of those waiting. Each shot was taken at a different time. Throughout we hear the sound of the rehearsal but do not see it (except for occasional glimpses in the top small screen).

That describes what we see, but there is more to the video than just a striking composition. There’s something in the mixture of anticipation and casualness shown by the performers that captures something rather special. There’s an intimation of the performances we all make in life, the masks we must put on (they each carry face masks with them), our exits and our entrances. In showing us an unusual glimpse of drama behind the scenes the filmmakers reveal something of why we play these parts, and why we continue to perform Shakespeare. Incidentally or otherwise, it is a rather insightful piece of actuality.

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