Shakespeare Biography with Eggs!

Date: 2007
Posted by: HarassedTofu
Credits: Directed, filmed and edited by Kimberley Durkin, for Harassed Tofu Productions
Cast: Eggs (voices by Kimberley Durkin)
Duration: 5.01

Rudimentary (to say the least) animation with eggs, telling us the story of Shakespeare’s Stratford home life, starting from the point where the young Shakespeare is taken to see a play and becomes besotted by the theatre. The film ends poignantly with the death of his son Hamnet (yolk is spilt), commemorated by words from King John (Act 3 Scene 4), ‘If that be true, I shall see my boy again’, while Carmina Buruna plays in the background. Cracking.

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Hamlet’s egg

Date: 2007
Posted by: groeneg
Credits: Animated by GroeneG for Gproductions
Duration: 0.40

Rudimentary clay animation of an egg, asking ‘to be be or not to be?’ and discovering the answer. The filmmaker GroeneG describes it thus:

A mini Shakespeare play called Omlet. I really like the way it relate to modern society and how when it boils down to the nitty gritty on an egg, To Be Or Not To Be inadvertently brings mental awareness to scrambled, fried or over easy.

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