macbeth ➳ he shall never vanquish’d be

Date: 2015
Posted by: lana cho
Cast: Matt Budoff (Macbeth), Carla Carvallo (Witch 2), Lano Cho (Hecate + Apparition 2), Guy Gideoni (Lennox + Banquo’s Ghost), Siddhant Jain (Apparition 3), Emily Kravnak (Apparition 1), Serena Lantz (Witch 1), Chloe Lee (Witch 3)
Credits: Production company: The Very Large Acting Co. Editor: Lana Cho; make-up artists: Aditi Bhatt, Danielle Mullins; cinematography: Siddhant Jain; coloring: kindon18; composer: Michael Suby (Vampire Diaries score)
Duration: 6.33

Here is Macbeth from the Twilight generation. A group of young Americans re-enact Macbeth meeting the witches and seeing the apparitions (from Act 4 Scene 1) in a ferny wood, with the help of dark make-up, drained colouring effects (highlighting the red of Macbeth’s kilt), distorted voices, a widescreen image and a heavy overlaying of the music from The Vampire Diaries. Though the acting tends towards the wooden, good use of made of the setting and the opportunity for different camera angles. Chiefly it brings out the modern Gothic in Shakespeare and shows how the plays survive because they can be re-imagined to the temper of the times.

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