Impressionist Does Shakespeare in Celebrity Voices

Date: 2011
Posted by: jimmeskimen
Cast: Jim Meskimen
Credits: None given
Duration: 3.46

A tour de force. American impressionist Jim Meskimen recites Clarence’s speech from Richard III, “O, I have passed a miserable night …” in the manner of assorted celebrities. Helpfully, for those of us not familiar with some of the American famous, or just those looking at this video a few years from now who may wonder who on earth these once celebrated people were, the names of those he is impersonating are given throughout. In order, they are Ricky Gervais, Ron Howard, Richard Burton, Jimmy Stewart, George W. Bush, William Shatner, Arnold Schwarznegger, Woody Allen (surely a natural for playing Clarence), Boris Karloff, George Clooney, Tom Brokaw, Harvey Keitel, Casey Kasem, Garrison Keillor, Craig Ferguson, Droopy Dog, Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro, Johnny Carson, Paul Giamatti, Christopher Walken, Simon Cowell, Jack Nicholson and Barack Obama. And all this to advertise his stage show.

Applied Silliness (Meskimen’s personal site)
YouTube page